Growing Up and Maturing Starts at Age 25

Adolescents live for sensation and adventure, and significant changes in their head occur when they become independent and begin to live outside their parents’ home, claims Beatriz Luna, psychiatrist of a medical school in Pittsburgh.

Earlier, this mental maturation took place around the age of 15, but according to the latest study, the kids ripen significantly later.

Key evidence for this theory is in the part of the brain called striatum, which has to do with hyper-activity, that is, with “reward” as stimulation for certain procedures. This part of the brain is very active by the middle of the twenties.

Professor Luna says that the operation of this part of the brain slows down the need for a man for a stable job and family formation, which are mostly characterized by mature people. According to her, this is happening today when a person is 25 years old.

“There are two points of view on the results of this study. I am a positive person, and I think it’s better to prepare yourself mentally for what you later wait for in life, “says Beatriz Luna.