Working Out, Mental Health and Marijuana?

Although the idea of using marijuana before working out may seem strange, increasing numbers of athletes are turning to hybrid strains before they exercise. So why is it such a popular idea? Here, we look at how exercise and marijuana have a special relationship and how it can actually improve an existing workout regime.

Cannabis Gives Your Metabolism A Boost

At the most basic level, weed boosts your metabolism, so if you’re heading out for a workout, it makes sense to smoke a joint before you go so that you can enjoy a calorie-burning boost that will help you to lose more fat as you use the cross-trainer or treadmill. Studies have shown that those who use cannabis have a level of fasting insulin which is 16% higher than that of those who aren’t users, and with smaller waist sizes and 17% lower resistance to insulin, it is clear that cannabis is ideal for anyone who is keen to loose weight.

Getting Pumped Up For A Workout

When you use marijuana before you go to the gym, you’ll fee more ready to exercise. You’ll have more energy and feel more positive about your regime. As weed increases your aggression, you naturally become more competitive and are keen to push yourself harder.

A Performance Boost

Bizarrely, it’s been shown that cannabis can even make you better at your chosen sport. Everyone knows that playing sports while drunk is a bad idea since your performance and judgement will both be impaired, however weed improves your existing skills and helps to remain more focused.

Aiding Muscle Recovery

Anyone who has ever experienced the pain of sore muscles for days after working out will be delighted to hear that using cannabis before working out helps the muscles to recover more speedily, thus resulting in less pain afterwards.

Keeps You Going For Longer

While you may feel ready to give up just a short time into your regular routine, when you use weed your longevity is dramatically improved. This is what makes marijuana use so popular among long distance runners, who find that it helps them to keep going, even when it gets tough. Marathon runners find that the weed helps them to stay in a steady rhythm and removes the monotony which allows them to remain competitive for the long haul.

A Runner’s High Before Running

Every runner knows about the “runner’s high”, during which the body naturally produces cannabinoids to cause a mini high in order to dull the pain of exercise. By using weed before you work out, you can create this feeling before you do any exercise at all, making your work out easier from the get go.

How To Use Weed Most Effectively When Working Out

If you’re keen to see what cannabis can do for your exercise regime, you might want to consider vaping it rather than smoking, as it is gentler on the lungs. You should also start off slowly and avoid using too much as this could cause you to work out too hard and damage your muscles.